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Broken Film NOW available
That's right - NEW music from disappear fear.
There is a moment in every artist’s career when they are at the top of their game. Broken Film by disappear fear is that moment. Marking her return to the name and sound of disappear fear, SONiA’s 17th CD was recorded in Nashville in December of 2012 . Musicians joining SONiA on the CD are critically acclaimed guitarist Don Conoscenti on lead guitar, Don Kerce (The Tommy Dorsey Band) on bass, drummer Brian Owings (Emmylou Harris) as well as disappear fear regulars percussionist/vocalist Laura Cerulli and violinist Helen Hausmann. Bringing it all together is Sound Engineer/Co-Producer Mike Poole (Keith Urban, John Prine, Robert Plant and Band of Joy, Patty Griffin, Martina McBride, Johnny Cash).

The Banker
Available now on itunes:
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The song is from the upcoming CD "Broken Film" that will world release on 9-17-13.
This is the only single released for early sales on itunes.
The song addresses the sad story of the average american working man trying to succeed. While there are good bankers in the world, this family has interacted with one of the bankers who take advantage of those in need. The family tries their best to do what they can, but are not able to

No Bomb Is Smart CD
Recorded in Nashville with a stellar Grammy lineup of producers and musicians and featuring the luxurious harmonies of CiNDY Frank (the original sound of disappear fear). The first song is a beautiful rendition of the Phil Ochs tune "No More Songs." The other 11 tracks are penned and delivered by SONiA with the full proof insurance of Craig Krampf on drums and knees, Glen Worf on bass, Bill Cuomo on strings and organs, Ed Snodderly on mandola and dobro... and more, more, more.

Get Your Phil
A new CD by disappear fear with ten songs written by the late Phil Ochs. This CD presents the harmonizing vocals of SONiA and CiNDY that have not been featured since Seed in the Sahara. The CD is 100% made in America Folk Music.

Me, Too
Me, Too was recorded in Baltimore as a joint venture between SONiA and multi-instrumentalist John Grant. Most of the instruments were played by SONiA and John with some help from Berklee College of Music Jazz genius Jane Miller and some fine background vocals from CiNDY. The title track was chosen to be on the HRC benefit CD to help the Human Rights Campaign. A live recording taken at the Philadelphia Folk Festival 2003 Main Stage performance is on the 40th anniversary CD honoring some of the performers of that year (and previous years).
Blood, Bones and Baltimore

SONiA's new Blues-Americana CD recorded in Baltimore. Joining SONiA are wonderful musicians all from the Baltimore/Washington area: Laura Cerulli on percussion, Helen Hausmann on violin, Seth Kibel on Sax, Clarinet and Flute, Howard Markman on guitar, Michael Bowie on bass, with special appearances by Dylan Visvikis on piano and Cindy on vocals
10 great tracks of all new songs, except the long time favorite of fans, "Biggest, Baddest Heart" and a Woody Guthrie song "Worried Man Blues."

t a n g o
"t a n g o" is SONiA and disappear fear's dance with the World. Award-winning American-born singer/songwriter SONiA Rutstein composes 12 songs in Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, and English creating a Latin-Middle Eastern folk-pop sound. True to her lifelong cause of a world without fear, these songs weave political trials of love and romance next to heartfelt political ideologies. The songs combine the indigenous sounds of djembes, tin whistles, violins, and acoustic guitars, and resonate with the harmonies of disappear fear. Making guest appearances are Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton and members of the original disappear fear band. Lyrics are included in a colorful 24-page booklet written in all four languages and illustrated with SONiA's original paintings.

Almost Chocolate CD
You may purchase this CD at -- Click Here

disappear fear CD
You may purchase this CD at -- Click Here

This compilation CD called "Splash" contains favorites from "tango" and "No Bomb is Smart" as well as 3 songs recorded Live. Also 4 songs never released before: early versions of "The Other Man," "Obviously," and "Love Names Me." Plus a brand new song written by Ellen Bukstel and Nick Annis, "By My Silence," based on the poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller during the Holocaust of WW II.

Seed in the Sahara CD
This 1996 disappear fear CD, produced by Roy Bittan, keyboard player from the E street band, features many favorite songs of disappear fear fans, including title song "Seed in the Sahara", "Michaelango" and B.Y.O.G.

LiVE at the Bottom Line
Features 8 LiVE songs of the sister duo of Sonia and Cindy in concert in the famous NYC nightclub. Four additional songs come from a mini tape recording in a studio setting that is just pristine and lovely. Those featured songs are Love Insurance, Box of Tissues, Long Long Way to Go, Damn Crazy, Postcard from Texas, and One More Chance.
This CD is only available by download Click Here

LiVE at the Down Home
Recorded LiVE on a hot sweaty night at SONiA's favorite American music club, the Down Home in Eastern Tennessee. Joining SONiA for some fine African drumming is Michelle Treece. Song selection includes some of the most popular tunes of disappear fear, for example Fallin', Sink The Censorship, Sexual Telepathy, Be The One, Two Eggs Over Easy, and many more. This is raw and fudging...just one real fun beer-slinging night.
This CD is available by download only.
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DF05 LiVE, the first all-LiVE CD by SONiA and disappear fear, was recorded at various venues and festivals across the United States during their summer tour of 2005. It is a musical documentary containing 17 songs written by SONiA and performed with disappear fear. SOLD OUT (not in print)
Deep Soul Diver
Deep Soul Diver is disappear fear's sophomore release. Includes songs like Deep Soul Diver, Waking Up Your Heart, Photograph, and Sexual Telepathy. Many of these songs are still in demand for repeat performance at disappear fear shows.
Echo My Call
disappear fear's very first commercial release. It features songs like Vertigo, Walk On Glass, Unfinished Song, and From Baltimore to Anywhere (Amy Ray's favorite). Beautiful arrangements with cello and various percussive accompaniments.

No Bomb Is Smart: Dance Mix Singles
All around the Earth folks are raising their voices in unison to express their extreme discontent with the United States' bloody blunder into the Iraq War. This is a beautiful opportunity to dance in a direction of peace and unity. Maybe it is as simple and bold as saying, "No Bomb is Smart." This CD contains four mixes of the song "No Bomb is Smart" -- a Tribal Mix by the renowned DJ Twisted Dee, an Anthem Mix by the up and coming beat maker Blake Althen, the Original Song produced by the Grammy award-winning team of Craig Krampf and Bill Cuomo, and a Radio Pop Remix by Blake. Get your groove on!

Deep Soul Diver - Vinyl
Vinyl recording of Deep Soul Diver

Coming soon SONiA Concert in New York 2012
2 disc DVD of full SONiA Concert in New York City.

"Who I Am" - SONiA & disappear fear DVD

A new collection of songs including:
- "No More Songs" written by Phil Ochs, (shot in San Francisco and directed by Mathew Perry)
- "Who i Am" (filmed in Baltimore and directed by John Densmore)
- "LiVE in Concert" (SONiA @ the Musik Messe filmed in Frankfurt Germany 2010 by Heinz Habert)
- "Big Giant Planes" filmed at the Eugene-Oregon Country Fair; sung in Hebrew with subtitles
- "Biggest Baddest Heart," "Won't Let Go," and "Love Names Me."
Includes a cool collection of tour photos by Dylan V. and more.

Happy Birthday SONiA DVD
Happy Birthday SONiA is a 60-minute musical documentary containing 15 songs plus interviews and live footage spanning the first 20 years of SONiA's career. Captured and available to her fans for the first time are intimate interviews about being "out," performing with disappear fear for 500,000 people at the Capitol in DC, (a show that aired on CNN and C-span) and rare disappear fear vintage music videos.

String Theory - AVAILABLE NOW
Seventeen-year-old Sam Weiser began
playing the violin at three. By ten, Sam was concertmaster and soloist at the Norwalk Youth Symphony. He is the first Manhattan School of Music precollege student to double-major in classical and jazz violin. "String Theory" is Sam Weiser's sophomore CD, with the songs written by Sam.

SaM i Am Full CD
SONiA met 16-year-old Sam Weiser on the Daniel Pearl FODfest tour in 2008. The nationally-acclaimed teen prodigy is the first Manhattan School of Music pre-college student to double-major in classical and jazz violin.

Sam wanted to record a CD to raise money for charity, and was thrilled to have SONiA help translate the diverse genres of music he hears in his head into reality. Sam signed with disappear records, and his debut CD Sam I Am was released on February 16, 2010.

Guest artists on the CD include Phoebe Hunt of Belleville Outfit, Sara Caswell of The Caswell Sisters, Mike Block of the Mike Block Band/ Appalachia Waltz Trio, Lulo Reinhardt of the Lulo Reinhardt Project, Dennis Chambers of Santana and SONiA of disappear fear.

All profits will go to the Daniel Pearl Foundation and FODfest.

Oriole and Eagle
3 song CD written and recorded by 8 1/2 year old Dylan, singing with Aunt SONiA

Blood, Bones & Baltimore Songbook
Chords and lyrics and special photos for every song on "Blood, Bones & Baltimore".