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Degas Dancer
SOLD (prints available)
Product Code: PNT01
Painted in the mid 1990s in Oakland, CA. Roughly 24" x 30"

This painting is in watercolor on paper... several offers have come to me for this work but Terry fell in love with it and so it is hers... I love ballet and so this was an early attempt to see things through the eyes and strokes of Edgar Degas... this is the one of the first pieces I ever painted. -- SONiA
Hebrew Prayers Mural

Commissioned by D.L. Dallas, Texas.
Online slideshow: See the work in progress!
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Mark's Fantasy
Product Code: PNT02
Painted in acrylic paint and some oil. Roughly 3' x 4' this was painted in 2003.

Painted for a good friend here in Baltimore... a big fan of Boticelli... so it is a partial rendition of that scene of paradise.
-- SONiA
Windows of the Notre Dame
Product Code: PNT03
Painted in 2000 with acrylics, oils, and metallic paint. Roughly 16" x 24"

Painted originally for the "good goddess" exibit in Tennessee so it was a good opportunity to bring some angelic men into the exhibit.
Fig Leaf Guitar
Product Code: PNT04
Painted in 1999 with acrylics, roughly 3' x 4'

Commissioned by Larry and Dawn for their living room. They sent me a photo of the wall and said just make it fit into the room... they seem to be very happy with it. -- SONiA
Two Kissing Guitars
Product Code: PNT05
Painted in 2003 using acrylic and oil, roughly 20" x 16"

...i do many of these, this is one of the early ones... i like this theme and have painted it as a gift for some close friends... i like to take and make the guitars have personalities and/or traits of the beholder... as of the end of 2005 i have about 23 different kissing or dancing or angry guitars. -- SONiA
Lady of the Lounge
Product Code: PNT06
Painted in 2002 with acrylics, roughly 20" x 16"
Invisible Jump
SOLD (prints available)
Product Code: PNT07
Painted in 2003 using acrylics and oil. Roughly 3' x 4'

A takeoff on the famous splash painting...
Ro's World
Inquire about price (prints available)
Product Code: PNT08
Painted in 1999 with acrylics, roughly 3' x 3.5'

This is a painting of spontaneous friendship, combining elements of the past and the future. -- SONiA
Dazzlin' Guitars
Product Code: PNT09
Painted in 2001 on a cotton t-shirt with fabric paint in day-glow colors and metallic colors.

Commissioned by a friend in Connecticut for her partner. -- SONiA
Finding Each Other Guitar #17
Product Code: PNT11
Acrylic painting on canvas, 2005. Available.
Squeeze Hug From Jim
Inquire about price (prints available)
Product Code: PNT15
Watercolor and acrylic, 2003.
A Box of Music: Me, Too Boots and Summer in Plain View
SOLD (prints available)
Product Code: PNT14
Acrylic, 2001.
Flower String Power Guitars
Inquire about price (prints available)
Product Code: PNT16
Acrylic on canvas, 2003.
Kris' Room
SOLD (prints available)
Product Code: PNT18
Watercolor, 2003.
One Wish One Kiss
Inquire about price (prints available)
Product Code: PNT21
Watercolor, 1996.
Buddha Meets Hindu
Inquire about price (prints available)
Product Code: PNT22
Acrylic on canvas, 2005.
Anyway You Want it Guitars
Inquire about price (prints available)
Product Code: PNT24
Watercolor, 2003.
Two Girls One Afternoon
SOLD (prints available)
Product Code: PNT25
Watercolor and acrylic, 2000. Prints available -- original gifted to Eleanor Braun.
American Guitars
Product Code: PNT26
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 2004. Original gifted to Lee Bowers.
On a Tour of One Night Stands
Inquire about price (prints available)
Product Code: PNT27
Watercolor, 2003.
Dream a Little Dream for Me
Inquire about price (prints available)
Product Code: PNT28
Acrylic, 1998.